About Cultivating Capacities

Welcome to Cultivating Capacities, GSO.

Cultivating Capacities is a grassroots support organization that empowers, develops and releases individual and collective potential of community. Through education, training and skill development, Cultivating Capacities explores mental models in which we build a conceptual framework to effect personal and collective transformation in contribution to the betterment of community. This process of empowerment is open to all members and ages of a population which welcomes universal participation. Cultivating Capacities is founded on the conviction of the oneness of humanity and our indispensable concern for justice. As we foster individual and collective learning we create and nurture spaces that celebrate and embrace unity through diversity.

As we continue to work on our site, please feel free to email us at cultivatingcapacities@gmail.com with any questions and/or community suggestions.

Another way to support our effort to cultivate a rich and vibrant community founded on the oneness of humanity, justice and celebrates the beauty of diversity is to visit our Cultivating Community fund campaign.

Every contribution will enhance community through fostering spaces for education and the arts.

Welcome Kevin Locke! 

Join community Friday, May 26th as we welcome Kevin Locke back to Grandview Elementary School.

Please feel free visit Kevin Locke‘s webpage to learn more about his beautiful culture and art.